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Did you know Labor and the Liberals have taken over $200 million in corporate donations in the last decade?

These donations are rewarded by billions in government subsidies and corporate welfare, which has resulted in: 

  • Australia’s COVID response funneling wealth to the billionaire class, who doubled their wealth during the pandemic ($68.4 billion total wealth increase)
  • Stage 3 tax cuts handing $62 billion to billionaires and big corporations
  • $51 billion of public money directed to the fossil fuel industry in the 2021 budget.

The Greens refuse to take donations from corporations trying to buy influence - that’s why we’re the only party with genuine solutions:

  • cap all donations to political parties at $1000 per year
  • establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • make every billionaire and corporation pay tax.

It also means that everything we do is entirely powered by you! 

This federal election, you can help elect Tim Hollo to the seat of Canberra and Dr Tjanara Goreng Goreng as the ACT’s second (currently Liberal) Senator. 

They could join a host of new Greens MPs from across the country to once again negotiate a governing agreement with Labor.

Last time this happened, we got dental into Medicare for kids, $13 billion invested in renewable energy and pushed emissions down for the first and only time in Australian history.

This time, we will make every corporation and billionaire pay tax, and use the money to make childcare, dental and university free, and  build the infrastructure required to power Australian with 100% renewable electricity.

We need to ensure this once in a lifetime moment is used to redress the inequalities and injustices inherent in our current system - and build a better normal.

We will always put people and the planet first.

Your donation will help us secure a future that works for all of us.

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